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All Star Prep

All Star Prep

Thank you for your interest in the Spirit Xtreme All Star Prep program. On behalf of our incredible staff and wonderful All Star families already training at Spirit Xtreme, we welcome you and encourage you to become a part of our family...the Xtreme Nation!

The Spirit Xtreme All Star Prep program is a great choice for those athletes who are not ready to make cheerleading their "one and only" sport.  Our All Star Prep program offers athletes an opportunity to experience the excitement of All Star cheer without the time commitment, financial obligation and rigorous training schedule, while emphasizing fun, skill aquistion and teamwork.  The Prep program is the perfect building process for athletes to progress into the Spirit Xtreme competitive program, preparation for school cheer or for an athlete that loves cheerleading, but does not have time to commit to a full 12 month long season.

Spirit Xtreme offers the best training while providing a character building aproach to competitive cheerleading. We set a standard of excellence that is followed through with the names of our teams: Joy, Faith, Love, Hope, Dream, Heart, Rejoice, Believe, Energy, Promise, Trust, Courage, Honor, Xcellence, Passion, and Strength. We hope to instill qualities in our athletes that will last far longer than just the time they spend in cheer.

If you are currently looking for an All Star Prep program or simply planning to sign up next spring, please take a minute to read through our All Star Prep Team Information Packet.  Please contact the gym if you have any further questions regarding the Spirit Xtreme All Star Program.