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2013-2014 Competition Season

NCA Classic - November 3, 2013

Joy               Show Team                        A great first performance!

Hope            Mini AS Prep Level 1       1st place

Faith            Youth AS Prep Level 1      1st place

Love             Junior AS Prep Level 2     1st place

Dream          Mini Level 1                      4th place

Heart            Junior Level 1                    1st place and Level 1 High Point

Energy          Mini Level 2                      1st place

Promise        Youth Level 2                     1st place and Level 2 High Point

Trust             Junior Level 2                    2nd place

Honor           Senior Level 2                    1st place

Courage       Junior Level 3                     3rd place

Xcellence     Senior Level 3                    1st place and Best Jumps

Passion        Senior Level 4                     2nd place

Strength       Senior Coed Level 4           1st place

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Championship - November 9th

Rejoice           Special Needs Team       An incredible first performance!  They brough the house down!

Dream            Mini Level 1                   1st place

Heart              Junior Level 1                 1st place; Level 1 High Point; Grand Champion

Energy           Mini Level 2                    1st place

Promise          Youth Level 2                 1st place

Trust               Junior Level 2                 1st place

Honor             Senior Level 2                 1st place

Courage         Junior Level 3                  1st place

Xcellence       Senior Level 3                 1st place; Level 3 High Point

Passion          Senior Level 4                 1st place

Strength         Senior Coed Level 4       1st place; Level 4 High Point

ACA Nationals - January 18th/19th, 2014

Joy                 Show Team                       Cutest and best performance!

Hope              Mini AS Prep Level 1       3rd place

Faith              Youth AS Prep Level 1     National Champion

Love              Junior AS Prep Level 2     National Champion

Dream           Mini Level 1                       6th place

Heart              Junior Level 1                    3rd place

Energy           Mini Level 2                      3rd place

Promise          Youth Level 2                   3rd place

Trust              Junior Level 2                    3rd place

Honor            Senior Level 2                   4th place

Courage         Junior Level 3                    4th place

Xcellence       Senior Level 3                   5th place

Passion           Senior Level 4                   3rd place

Cheersport Grand Championship - February 2nd 

Dream             Mini Level 1                     1st Place

Heart               Junior Level 1                   1st Place

Energy            Mini Level 2                      1st Place

Promise           Youth Level 2                   1st Place

Trust               Junior Level 2                    1st Place

Honor             Senior Level 2                    1st Place and Level 2 High Point Winner

Courage          Junior Level 3                    1st Place

Xcellence        Senior Level 3                   1st Place

Passion           Senior Level 4                    1st Place

Strength          Senior Coed Level 4          1st Place and Level 4 High Point Winner

Fun Cheer Classic - February 16th

Joy                  Show Team                      These little ladies are so cute and talented!

Rejoice           Special Needs Team         A Crowd Favorite!

Hope              Mini 1                                First Place!

Faith               Youth 1                             First Place!

Love               Junior 2                             First Place!

Athletic Championship - San Antonio 

Joy - Mini Show Team          An awesome performance from the cutest and the sweetest!

Hope - Mini Prep 1                 4th Place!

Faith - Youth Prep 1               3rd Place!

Love - Junior Prep 2               NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

Dream - Mini 1                        5th Place!   AND  Best Level 1 Stunts

Heart - Junior 1                       3rd Place!

Energy - Mini 2                        NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

Promise - Youth 2                   NATIONAL CHAMPIONS AND Best Level 2 Stunts

Trust - Junior 2                       NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

Honor - Senior 2                     5th Place!

Courage - Junior 3                 2nd Place!

Xcellence - Senior 3               2nd Place! AND Best Level 3 Choreography

Passion - Senior 4                   5th Place!

Strength - Senior Coed 4       NATIONAL CHAMPIONS and Grand Champion Level 4