Spirit Xtreme

Fall Class Schedule

We are X-CITED to release our Fall 2022 Schedule of Classes!  

As a reminder all classes AND private lessons that were taken during the summer have now come to an end and athletes must re-register for the fall.

*Fall Class registration OPENS to ALL Saturday, July 30th at 10:00a.m. under the 'Class Registration' tab on the main page of the website. 

Click Here for the Fall Schedule of Classes!

We are currently working through Private Lesson requests and will email confirmation by Sunday.  If you missed the request link, you can contact the gym office on Monday, August 8th to see what private lesson slots are available!

 Our Fall Class schedule will begin Monday, August 8th!

2022-2023 Team Information

From the very beginner to the most elite athlete, we have the perfect program and team for you!  We are happy to talk you through our programs, their differences, and help you find the perfect fit for your athlete!  New to Spirit Xtreme?  Give us a call today to schedule a tour of the gym and find out exactly what sets Spirit Xtreme apart!  We look forward to having you a part of our gym family!

The Spirit Xtreme All Star ELITE program is the highest level of commitment and for those athletes who live and breathe cheer.  Our Elite online registration begins April 11th!  Click the "Class Registration" tab on the top right of this screen and get registered today!  

2022-2023 All Star ELITE Information Packet - Click Here!

The Spirit Xtreme All Star PRE ELITE program offers athletes an opportunity to experience the excitement of All Star cheer with a little less time commitment and financial obligation.    Pre Elite registration begins April 11th!

2022-2023 All Star PRE ELITE Information Packet - Click Here!

THE STARS program is designed for athletes 5 to 14 years old.   The Stars will focus on strong technique and the foundational skills of cheer.  We build our athletes from the inside out by starting with a strong foundation and progressing athletes in a fun, motivating and positive environment.  Registration will begin May 1st with team practices beginning in August!

2022-2023 THE STARS Information Packet - Click Here!

The Spirit Xtreme Tiny Novice team is JOY!  Joy is designed for athletes 3 and 4 years old.  Our Tiny Novice program gives our tiniest athletes a taste of competitive cheer.  Registration will begin May 1st, with team practices beginning in August!

2022-2023 JOY Information Packet - Click Here!

Spirit Xtreme Rejoice is a Co-ed CheerABILITIES All Star team for athletes with an intellectual and/or physical disability who love to cheer, dance and perform.  Our Rejoice athletes are the heart of Spirit Xtreme and bring joy to all during each and every performance!  Registration will begin July 15th and our team practices will begin Friday, September 9th!

2022-2023 CheerABILITIES Team Information Packet - Coming Soon!